Arizona Pastors United


Arizona Pastors United is a unified collection of Arizona Pastors spread across all denominations devoted to one cause, and that is to create a unified climate for the spread of the Gospel throughout the State of Arizona. The Lord’s Shepherds are stronger together than we are apart.


  1. Community Support: If you have a special praise event, conference, speaker or prophetic or teaching convention, every church in the community should be able to hear about it, attend it and support it. To accomplish this, we need one collective unified source of information. One common ground and one common fellowship.
  2. An “Ant Bed” of Pastors: The Arizona Pastors United website is listing of valley churches and Pastors and community events. It is a Voice in the Valley to communicate special events, unify Valley Shepherds and draw in fresh unbelievers.

Enrichment Conferences

APU has the goal of growing, enriching, mentoring and supporting new church plants and Pastors through fellowship, conferences and pairings.


1.  Establish the Board

           Organizing a Board of Pastors and Ministers to assist in the growth and mission of APU.

2.   APU Fellowship Conference

          First quarterly gathering and special event of APU.

3.   An Impending Move of God

         Everyone is busy building their fold, and growing their ministries and it is a 24 hour nonstop job.  Many Pastors are working           full-time jobs while balancing the financial needs of their fold. There is an oncoming move and revival of God coming to the             Valley and the increase of it will take more than just one church to facilitate.  There are thousands of fresh unbelievers in this           city that God intends to bring in, but it will take the collective effort and strengthening of the shepherds to facilitate the                     harvest.